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Welcome to the Ultimate Guide, your one-stop-shop for all the latest headline news and information from across Australia and around the world.

As a busy journalist, keeping up with the news can be hard with so many websites offering valuable information. The Ultimate Guide tries to make it easier by bringing all the latest headlines from some of the world's leading news organisations together on one website.


The ABC, News Ltd, the Fairfax group and several other Australian news and information organisations have all agreed to be part of the Ultimate Guide. Overseas news organisations are involved too including the BBC, CNN, Deutsche Welle, Reuters and Al Jazera.

We've also included some of the most popular search options available on the Internet including Google, the Internet Movie Database, latest petrol prices from motormouth.com.au and a whole lot more.


Ultimate Guide is the work of journalists Michael Lund and Ann Lund. Both have worked in the media for many years with experience in print, radio, television and online reporting, as well as journalism training and education.

As busy journalists they know how difficult it can be to keep an eye on all the breaking news and new information available on the internet.

That's why they set up Ultimate Guide, a free online service helping you to keep informed and up-to-date with all that is happening in the news in Australia and overseas.

What's best of all is that this is a non-commercial, not-for-profit service and there is no login required and no cost at all to use.

Why Is It Free?

Why not, all the information is out there freely available somewhere on the Internet. All Ultimate Guide is doing is helping you by gathering all the information into one easily accessible place.


With Ultimate Guide's free Headlines service you can monitor the latest news from one website location. If a Headline catches your eye then simply click on the title to be taken directly to the relevant news website.

The Headlines are also broken up into categories for Breaking News, Top Stories, Health, Environment and many more subjects. There's also a comprehensive Sports section that can help you stay informed on the various codes.

Where do the Headlines come from? Ultimate Guide has carefully selected some of the best RSS newsfeeds that are available on the Internet.

Many of the RSS feeds are freely available, others have been made available on request by Ultimate Guide after months of negotiating.


Ultimate Guide has also searched the Internet for some of the best search websites that can help you research a story, from searching the internet, finding the local weather to checking the latest international currency rate.


We are keen to know what you think about this free service. We are also keen to hear of ways we can add to and improve the information already available. Please send us your suggestions.